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4102 MacCorkle Ave. SW.
South Charleston, WV 25309

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Transmission Repair South Charleston

Transmission Repair Technician South Charleston Transmission Repair & Transmission Service

Before we start repairs, AAMCO’s professionals will perform a comprehensive diagnosis to locate and identify the problem with your vehicle. With a multi-point transmission scan, no issues will escape our technician’s examination. Every transmission inspection includes:

  • Transmission fluid check. Dirty fluid or low liquid levels can affect your transmission’s performance.
  • Transfer case and differential fluid check, if needed.
  • Road test. We briefly drive your car to determine the nature of the driving problems you report to us. Because our technicians have extensive experience and have repaired hundreds of transmissions, they can assess the state of your vehicle’s gears by listening to the sounds it makes when engaging, when upshifting, downshifting, and maintaining a steady speed in different gears. We also check to see how it performs in park, neutral, and reverse.

After the driving test and fluid checks, we place your vehicle on a lift to search for:

  • Frayed or damaged cables
  • Loose vacuum connections
  • Missing or damaged gaskets
  • Oil and fluid leaks
  • Damaged axles or CV joints
  • Frayed wiring

Any of these things can affect your vehicle’s performance, and checking every system on your car is part of AAMCO’s extensive diagnostic process. For most customers, we catch small issues and fix the car without rebuilding the transmission. We don’t recommend major repairs unless we have exhausted all other options, and done our most thorough checks and inspections.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics 

AAMCO’s diagnostics are always methodical, and we make sure that we don’t offer you any services or repairs you don’t need, because our primary goal is to get our valued customers behind the wheel of their vehicles again. We have honed our techniques and services through 50 years of experience, so we can confidently offer you the most efficient repairs in the industry.

Mechanics must be equipped with the latest digital diagnostic tools, because sophisticated onboard computers control almost every system on today’s vehicles, from the stereo the powertrain. Transmission issues can begin in your car’s circuitry, and at AAMCO, we use our Kwiktest™ PlusBox to connect to your vehicle’s computer and read any trouble codes, which help us locate problems with your vehicle.  

If any computer problems are causing hard shifts or poor transmission performance, we’ll find out by comparing the data with our extensive transmission database, compiled from our service centers across the nation. We will also inspect the sensors, wiring, solenoids, and other electronic components of your car for any problems that might negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and handling.   

We do occasionally need to rebuild transmissions for customers, and when we do, we use high-quality parts to provide you with a gear system that will work correctly. Our confidence in our work shows through our unbeatable guarantee, from the standard complete warranty to the optional lifetime warranty.

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